Thursday, August 06, 2009

I'm Back!!!!!

I feel like it has been forever since I have been here. I had some serious health issues but now I am doing good.

Haven't really done much in the last year. I am still babysitting my 2 niece. Kaitlyn is 10 and about to go back to school (Thank you God) and Brooke is 2 and just might not make it to 3!!!! LOL Her vocabulary has advance from, I love you Aunt Jean to "I'll do it myself"!!, "I don't want to pick my toys up" and "Leave Me alone". I look at Kaitlyn and said, "I wonder who she learned that from?" Natually she says,"Not Me!!). Funny thing is, I never remember my son. Andy, doing this, either he didn't or I have worked very hard just to block out those Terrible 2's and 3's of my memory. Most likely the latter.

Last month I went to beach for a week. It was great but the first day I thought I would drown while entertaining the crowd. The tide was coming in and I was trying to get back to the beach.
Just as I got a few feet from the shore, the waves knock my butt down!!! Everytime I tried to get up, another one would knock me down again. This went on for what felt forever, Let's just say long enough for my life to flash before my eyes. I was trying to get some air between each wave and when I would look up, every one was laughing their heads off. Finally, my niece's husband(Jeff) saw it was looking serious and came out to help me. While it was very scarey for a few moments, I finally had to laugh at it myself. I told them I could see the Headlines, "Greenville Woman Drowns in 4" of Water". I BET THEY WOULDN"T HAVE FOUND IT SO FUNNY THEN. LOL

Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 59, something I thought a year and a half ago would not have happen. We had a little party at my niece's (lisa) house. It was great. We ate Pizza and Ice Cream cake and watch, "So You Think You Can Dance" For those who watch it, who do you think? Brandon or Jeannie?

I wanted to show a friend a layout I had made and while I was going through them all, I remembered how much fun I had back then and how it made me so happy just to give my stuff away. So to get things started, here is a special gift for you with more to come, so check back often for more.

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deltalady6 said...

Great kit, thanks so much!

Jean said...

You are very welcome!!

Vickie said...

This is adorable, I hate that I missed it.