Friday, January 12, 2007

Welcome To My Den!!

Welcome To My Den
Needless to say, I have no idea what I am doing, so please "bear" with me. My name is Jean, many of you know me better as Tedibear220.Actually, I learned about Digital Scrapping totally by accident about 5 years ago while looking for something I needed for a Paper Scrapping page I was doing. I came upon Pages of the Heart site and I was amazed!!! I had no idea that this kind of scrapping was done. It was an answer to all my prayers. I live in a very small trailer and space was always an issue. The Addiction began!!!I boxed up all my Paper Scrapping material and I entered the Digital World of Scrapping. I did a search for Digital Scrapping. So many Free things to grab and I did!!! Soon my worries went from physical space to virtual space. LOL!!!!After downloading many,many free kits, I started to get a guilty conscience. I thought, here I am doing all the taking and not giving anything back in return. I had 2 programs that my family had bought for me, PSP and PhotoImpact but had tucked them away. They seem way too complicated for me. So, I dusted them off and installed them. I then joined 2 Yahoo groups called Elements and Scrapbook Anonymous. They taught me so much. After a few months I got up the confidence to try and make a kit. I look back now at my very first kit and laugh. I still had so much to learn. I played and practiced and the bug began. I have now been making and sharing kits for 5 years as a payback for all the free kits I had taken. It was a fun journey, good times and some bumpy times. I quickly learned about copyrights!!!!!! As usual, I had to learn the hard way but it was a lesson I will never forget!!! I went into a slump for a while but with the support and encouragement of my good friends, with lesson learned,I pulled myself up and got going again. I will always be grateful to them. They are my inspiration!I am still learning new things every day. Shelle Pukas is my idol. I have always loved her work and always looked up to her.Between her designing her own kits, running her own site and taking care of her children, she always has time to lend me a helping hand in learning new things. You have to check her site out!!! Scrappin' By Design She will even Custom make your Kits!!!


Lizzerd said...

glad to see you're still around!

Lisa said...

Good to see you back Jean.....I see you have been one busy girl!! Going to go check your new stuff! :)

Jean said...

Thank You!! I am not selling anymore. I like giving them away more.